My painting is based on observation, memory and invention. It is as involved with the process and materials of painting as with the act of seeing. I have never found appearances to be superficial and want paintings that invite close scrutiny and like the world around us reveal themselves gradually over time, prompting surprise, renewed inquiry and contemplation.

I am deeply interested in the way things look and how they hang together, both in nature and in our constructed built environment: above and below. On this website works are grouped by theme or motif. As their dates will show I often have very different bodies of work in progress at the same time. My Cloud Paintings may at first seem very different from the City or Terrain/In Flight paintings in both motif and style. In fact, they inform and complement each other. The larger Cloud Paintings are painted in my studio, often over an extended period of time. The very small ones are often titled by the date of the day on which they were painted from direct observation. Most of the City Paintings were made while looking down from high windows: in 2000 during a residency at the original WTC and more recently from high windows in WTC#7 and WTC#4. Terrain/In Flight paintings are sometimes based on graphite drawings and notes made  while flying and looking down at the earth’s surface

I have been painting for many years. There is much more. This website (updated 9/10/2018) is intended to introduce the range of my work and visual concerns. See News for current or scheduled exhibitions.